34 North Founders Participate in Developing a Data Vision for the State of California

Enhancing the Vision for Managing California’s Environmental Information

Download the final white paper here

Enhancing the Vision Report Cover


Enhancing the Vision for Managing California’s Environmental Information was developed to identify opportunities to enhance California’s data management strategies. The effort reviews opportunities across jurisdictions in order to provide a stronger foundation for natural resource management decisions. Historically, natural resource data has been managed independently by responsible agencies, departments, and organizations creating challenges for collaborative decision making. At a time when our data sources are increasing and becoming more complex, there is more need than ever to enhance the effectiveness and usability of California’s natural resource data.

Produced by the Environmental Data Summit Organizing Committee under the leadership of the Delta Stewardship Council’s Delta Science Program, this report addresses data management issues and recommendations for undertaking these challenges.  Dave Osti, Founder/President of 34 North was a member of the Environmental Data Summit Organizing Committee. Amye Osti, Founder/CEO of 34 North, was a member of the writing team for the paper. The report uses California’s Sacramento San Joaquin Bay Delta as an example to describe best practices and recommendations for collaborative data management.

Key findings of the paper include:
California lacks state-wide data management policies. State-wide data management needs a governance framework to maintain accountability.

  • Policies must maintain data transparency but its definition is changing over time. On-demand data is now a necessity for natural resource management.
  • Comprehensive documentation of data quality and formats, through metadata, must be maintained to increase effectiveness.
  • Data management needs to be achieved using sustainable business models including partnerships with non-governmental partners.


  • Establish data standards and strategically align with pre-existing national and global data management initiatives.
  • Develop a single-source point access system for data management with a specific road map.
  • Develop a sustainable business model for achieving recommendations.

The full Report can be accessed from the Delta Stewardship Council’s website.

On Friday, October 2, 2015, the Delta Stewardship Council publicly released the report and held a Data Summit Press Conference. Audio from the press conference can be accessed on a YouTube stream here. The Delta Stewardship Council’s press release can be accessed here.

34 North is committed to the efforts outlined in this white paper.