34 North Presents at California Interagency Ecological Program


34 North will present new application development work at the 2016 Interagency Ecological Program (IEP) conference. The discussion will cover data and data stewardship.

Abstract Title: Increasing discoverability and accessibility of California environmental data with regional data federations like BayDeltaLive, California Estuaries, The Sacramento River Watershed Program and San Joaquin River Water Quality Portals.

Data technologies are evolving rapidly, driven by the need to manage an ever increasing amount of large, disparate and diverse data sets as well as long and complex workflows for data analysis. Environmental science demonstrates this complexity because it uses a large variety of data sets ranging from local observations to remote sensing. Federating this data can be a challenge. A true federation relies on remote data access or web services to maintain data quality and integrity. In this poster session we will discuss the challenges and success stories encountered when building these regional data federations. We will highlight the importance of merging the domain scientist’s data insights with the computer scientist’s application knowledge for vibrant and productive collaboration. We will roll up our sleeves and show you what we learned by bringing together key environmental data sets like Delta Juevenille Fish Monitoring Program, 20MM Trawl, Fall Mid-Water Trawl, California Data Exchange Center, National Water Information System, California Department of Water Resources Environmental Monitoring Program Monitoring, Central Valley Project and State Water Project Salvage Operations, NOAA Observation and more. Lastly, we will demonstrate how each region is working together to improve the larger data picture. You will learn what is possible now, what can be and how you can use it.

Visit www.baydeltalive.com to demo.