Store and Organize your Data and Information

OpenNRM Catalogs are enterprise-class catalogs with metadata that enable self service data management and discovery.   The catalogs store, describes and provide information on more than 100 file types and data sources.   Standard users have permission to register, annotate and search for assets.  The administrator has these permissions, plus advanced privileges to create, edit and delete a particular asset.

OpenNRM Asset Catalog capabilities include:

  1. Single and multiple file uploader for self service asset management.
  2. Metadata manager and editor. FCDC compliant.
  3. Support for all popular data formats including images, videos and text (ex .doc, .xls, .jpg, .psd, .kml, .shp, .wmv, .pdf, .netCDF).
  4. Geo-locate your assets using latitude and longitude coordinates or point and click using the map viewer.
  5. Create document libraries.
  6. Categorize by regions, users, location, keywords and more.
  7. Easily associate assets to a project, wiki, document, map, or shapefile.
  8. Share assets with colleagues and team members.
  9. Make assets public, keep private, or only share with your group.
  10. Track asset page edits and modifications

*Catalog billing is calculated as part of your OpenNRM package including standard users or administrators, number of catalog objects and storage.